what is hey howie?

hey howie is a weekly newsletter that explores all things life-related: thoughts, feelings, curiosities, ~anxieties~, readings, and more.

I intend to treat this as a place where I can share my thoughts with you, but also spread the word about other cool people doing cool shit, too. I want this to feel like you’re having a one-on-one convo with me that really makes you think. So let’s do it.

And if you don’t know anything about me (unlikely) (I’m very well-known), let me introduce myself: My name is Madeline (Maddie) Howard, and I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and editor. You can find more of my work at my website madelinehoward.com, and also in pubs like Cosmopolitan, Nylon, Women’s Health, Elite Daily, Bustle, and more. I cover just about everything from personal essays, to sexuality, to beauty, to books, to feminism.

Basically, I dive into whatever ~topic~ I’m feeling most connected to at the moment. I’m also a (gentle) tweet-er (@maddiehowardnyc) and I post random pics on Instagram (@maddiehowardnyc).

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one more thing…

If you’re wondering about the name, I chose ‘hey howie’ for this newsletter because ‘howie’ is my actual name to the people I cherish most. I’ve been called ‘howie’ basically my entire life by friends and family, so this just feels nostalgic and good.